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Guidelines for e-poster presentations

e-Posters will be presented on touch LCD panels at the conference venue. e-Posters will be displayed throughout the Conference and available for all participants.

Preparation of the e-Poster

  • MS PowerPoint application is used for implementation of the E-Poster.
  • Optional: You can use the TEMPLATE for preparing your e-poster. This template includes recommendations for the structure and organization of your e-poster. This template is intended to provide recommendations only.
  • Using corporate design is allowed.
  • Slides presentations should be in widescreen (16:9 ratio) at 1080p resolution (1920x1080 pixels).
  • Zoom function is implemented, therefore any detail such image or chart can be zoomed in.
  • In case of use of photographs, the author must have an approval from the patient(s).
  • The information provided is a full responsibility of the author.
  • The size of the file should not be bigger than 5 MB.
  • Please send a PDF file to until May 28, 2018

On-site Instructions

E-Poster Display
E-poster stations will be available in a clearly identified viewing area. E-Posters will be grouped by category and subcategory. The e-posters will not be formally moderated during poster sessions. The presenting author is encouraged to be available in the e-poster area during the poster session for those attendees who may want to ask questions.

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