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Preliminary programme

An application has been made to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.

THURSDAY, May 31, 2018

PRAGUE room (A-B-C-D)

08:15–08:30   Opening

08:30–09:00   Choosing Wisely
                          N. Montano

09:00–10:00   Endocrinology, Metabolic Disorders and Hyperlipidemias
                          A. D. Tselepis, J. Payer, M. Vrablik / R. Ceska

10:00–10:30   Coffee Break

10:30–11:30   Rare Diseases, General Int. Med.
M. D. Cappellini, S. Unal

11:30–12:30   Internal Medicine: DM
                         D. Pesta: (Novel) Exercise Approaches in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus
                         J. Soupal: Practical Implementation of Continuous Glucose Monitoring
                         J. Skrha jr.: Modern treatment of Type 2 diabetes

12:30–13:00   Lunch Break

PRAGUE room (C-D)

13:00–14:00   Hot Lines in Internal Medicine
                          M. Vrablik, R. Ceska, J. Spinar

14:00–15:00   Young Internists – Education in Internal Medicine in Europe
                          J. Skrha, Olson

15:00–15:20   Coffee Break

15:20–16:20   Young Internists / Free Communication

16:20–17:20   Young Internists / Free Communication

Poster area

10:00–13:00   Posters


FRIDAY, June 1, 2018

PRAGUE room (A-B)

09:00–10:00   Lessons from Nephrology
                         Chairs: R. Palsson, V. Tesar
                         R. Palsson: Challenges in the management of hyponatremia
                         V. Tesar: Differential diagnosis of glomerular disease
                         I. Rychlik: Acute kidney injury: diagnosis and treatment

10:00–11:00   Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity
                          D. Dicker, H. Rosolova

11:00–11:30   Coffee Break

11:30–12:30   Atrial Fibrillation, Stroke Prevention and NOAC
                         R. Hatala, P. Widimsky. A. Tomek

12:30–13:00   Lunch Break

17:50–18:00   Closing

PRAGUE room (C-D)

12:30–15:20   Familial Hypercholesterolemia Diagnosis and New Treatment
                          R. Ceska, B. Vohnout, T. Freiberger, K. Lalic, I. Pecin, M. Vrablik

Poster area

13:00–17:50   Posters

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